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B.O.S.S. Set Artists: Jbo The Prince

Birthed in Hackensack New Jersey, and raised in West Palm Beach Florida, lyricist Jbo The Prince is most definitely a force to be wreckoned with! At the early age of just 7, Jbo grasped interest in music, heavily influenced by artists such as: “Lil Bow Wow”, “50 Cent”, “Eminem”, and his most influential inspiration; “Lil Wayne”.

With both parents, and three siblings, involved in Jbo’s life, he never let a crowded home interfere with his creative thought process. As a Virgo, Jbo’s expectancy level was set at an all time high especially for himself, which lead up to his progression as a solo artist. When writing his music, Jbo would put it in his mind,“ if this isn’t a hit record, i don’t want to write it”!

As Jbo continued to write his music, he eventually found a house studio where he could finally start recording his material. While in school, Jbo would promote and market his music with what little knowledge he could by himself, in hopes to generate a local buzz! All at the same time, Jbo also began falling into one of the many lifestyles that were offered to him,....”The Street Life”.

September 3rd, 2008 Jbo was kicked out of his parents house, due to insubordination. Jbo’s father was the tough love kind, but Jbo was a tough one himself! With such a short fuse, and the courage of a lion, Jbo stood up to his father’s scolding one day and refused his orders! Jbo then found himself doing what ever it took to get by all while trying to survive out on the gritty streets of Lakeworth. And at the same time, Jbo didn’t let his reality deterre nor run dry his drive towards his aspirations to be a complete epidemic in his music career!

The Prince’s predicament only worsened, leading him to need more, and do more, and that’s exactly what Jbo did! September 25th 2012, Jbo was arrested for a robbery warrant, and then later incarcerated on a robbery with a firearm charge. Jbo was sentenced to 6 years in a Florida state prison!

While doing time, Jbo quickly accommodated and realized he had all that time to contemplate, blueprint, and most importantly to perfect his craft!
Mr. P.O.P.B.(Prince of Palm Beach) rapidly made a name for his self behind the wall, with multiple performances of written material as well as unbelievable freestyles!

October 30th, 2017 The Prince was released! Knowing he’d have to regain the momentum to grasp his audiences, Jbo was back in the studio the same night! With his own original unique style, the melodic lyricist had no problem captivating the attention of many, rapidly increasing and expanding his fan base!

While shooting for the stars, Jbo stumbled across what he perceived as an astronomical opportunity! The signing to B.O.S.S. Set Ent.! A label of consistency and excellence in strategic executioning, which Jbo felt strongly about! Hard at work, Jbo The Prince continues to create nothing less than hit records! In his daily routine, which starts off in his natural habitat,(the studio) Jbo is always progressing and striving only towards elevation in his next move, his next project, as well as his character!

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