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Our Brand

About Our Brand:

To associate with our brand, is to associate with B.O.S.S. Set values; qualities possesed by every artist branded within our movement. The responsibilites of a boss are not for the weak minded. A true boss has to "BE," as in let me be great! Be OPTIMISTIC, being that pessimism will only lead the flock so far. STRIVE, because by being comfortable, means not to change & with greatness change is necessary. Last, and not least "SUCCEED," at the end of the day, nothing else matters if the result is failure without learning.


The Label

About Our Label:

Entertainment is not limited to just music and visuals. It consists of creating true masterpeices of art at whatever the artist desires in his, or her field, to provide amusement, or enjoyment, to the audience. The B.O.S.S. Set Entertainment brand was created to support, and inspire, new up & coming talent/professionals making their way into the entertainment industry. Serving as a brand, and a music label, B.O.S.S. Set Ent. provides a platform for artists of all genres, and subjects to showcase thier unique talents to the world.